Concert Ticket BrokerAre you interested in ticket broker advice and on becoming a ticket broker? My name is Jordan Kray and I make a full-time income from buying and selling tickets.  I put together this website because lots of people have asked me how to become a ticket broker, so I wrote some articles, and also provide a few resources for people who want to become a ticket broker.

I remember when I first looked at becoming a ticket broker I really didn’t understand all of the benefits that I would receive. I was also pretty lost.  I didn’t have anybody to help me and give me the real info. This article will discuss the many different things you need to think about before starting a ticket brokerage and I’m going to include a lot of ticket broker advice.

Ticket broker advice #1:
Becoming a ticket broker can be a great way to get cheap or discounted tickets to sporting events, converts, and other entertainment venues you wish to go to.

Ticket broker advice #2: You can work as a ticket broker part time, if you wish to.  Different areas of the country, of course, have different sporting events and venues.  With that being said, however, there are lots of places that have indoor venues for concerts.  This is a great way to work part time as a ticket broker, and if you want become a full time ticket broker.

Ticket broker advice #3: Having multiple contacts and lists of interested parties in your tickets is a GREAT way to sell tickets quickly.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is not building a database of interested people in certain sporting events, concerts, and other entertainment venues.  Lots of people love a certain sports team, so when a sports team comes to town you can instantly sell the tickets if you have a database.  The same thing goes for certain bands, artists, and entertainers.  This is some of the best ticket broker advice you will ever get.

Start a Ticket Broker BusinessTicket broker advice #4: If you become a ticket broker you can use discounted tickets to trade them for other items.  If you have tickets that you can’t sell ahead of time you can work with almost any place and trade them for services.  This will allow the place with whom you trade them to to offer discounts to their current customers, promotions, specials, and deals.  Here is an example of what I mean when I give this ticket broker advice.

Imagine you know of a place that details cars.  What about going to the owner and trading 2 or 4 tickets (of course it depends on how expensive the tickets are) to have your car and one of your family member’s cars detailed?  You are using your ticket as a currency. The car place can then give the tickets to one of their best customers, can put them in a contest for referrals, or can give them to employees to reward them.

Ticket broker advice #5: If you want to become a ticket broker you need to find someone who is in the business to model and to get good ticket broker advice from.  Not everyone gives good advice. You need to get good ticket broker advice from people are successful.  There are certain things you need to know on how to get the best deals, who to avoid, what times of year are bad years, certain bands that have poor followings, and more.

Becoming a ticket broker can be a great way to add extra income, work from home, or pay off debt. The benefits of becoming a ticket broker are outstanding and are second to none!

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I wish you success in becoming a ticket broker and having the job of your dreams!

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