Make Money Selling Sports TicketsAre you interested in learning how to make money selling sports tickets or learning how to become a ticket broker. If so, you’ve come to the right place! Learning how to making money selling sports tickets is a straight forward process and this article will explain what you need to do if you want to learn how to make money in the ticket broker business, and comes from my own personal experience!

First, you must understand that if you want to become a ticket broker you need to have some money to first buy tickets to sporting events. Not all sporting events are created equal, and you must figure out which sporting events will have the highest demand ahead of time, so you can buy tickets to those events. You always want to go where the crowd is if you want to make money selling tickets.

Once you know where the crowd is going to be and what the highest demand is, you then need to actually buy the tickets. Now, to make money selling sports tickets you must realize that it is always better to need to get more tickets, than to have a lot of extra tickets that you end up not being able to sell. We’ve all seen these people before standing at a sporting event within only seconds to begin and them having a handful of unsold tickets. This is lost money here. These guys don’t really know how to make money selling tickets. They don’t know the ticket broker secrets.

So, if you want to learn how to make money selling sports tickets rule #1 is find out which events will have the highest demand, rule #2 is to buy just the right amount of tickets, and rule #3 is all about where (and how) to sell the sporting tickets.

There are to main ways to make money selling sports tickets. Offline and online. Offline requires you to network, to have a database of interest people (if you’re smart) and to go to the sporting event many times and stand out on the corner. If you’re smart you have a database of people who are fans of certain teams that you can sell tickets to.

Getting to a sporting events and getting a good geographical location is always important. You want to find a place where you will find a lot of prospective ticket buyers, but you also must find a place that has people who are looking to actually buy tickets.

If you decide you want to make money selling sports tickets online, then you can use such places like Stubhub, eBay, and Craigslist. Now, one of the most important things you can ever do if you want to learn how to make money selling sports tickets is to ALWAYS keep a database of people who have bought from you before. Name, phone number, and email is always important. Imagine having a list of 1,000 people who are interested in buying sports tickets to you and just sending out a quick email and then having people call you wanting to buy the tickets. If you know want to make money selling sports tickets, this is an essential key.  Get the Ticket Broker Guide Today

When I first started I bought this guide and followed it and today I own my own ticket broker business!  Best of all if you don’t like the guide, or decide not to become a ticket broker there is no problem!  Click here to learn more now! This guide will show you exactly how to make money in the ticket business.

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So, you want to learn how to become a ticket broker?  Do what I did and you can be successful.

If you are interested in becoming a ticket broker you must realize several things.  There are both pros and cons to becoming a ticket broker.  First, let’s identify the pros of becoming a ticket broker, and then we will look at the challenge or disadvantages to becoming a ticket broker. Once you understand these, you can then begin to learn the ticket broker secrets.

Pros to being a ticket broker:

How to Become a Ticket BrokerYou do not need a lot of capital or money to become a ticket broker.  The secret really is in simply knowing how to become a ticket broker. If you go into most businesses you need a lot of money, you need a physical location, you need an office, you need business cards, you need an expensive phone system, and sometimes you even have to hire an employee or multiple employees.  This isn’t true if you become a ticket broker.  Depending on how large you want to become you don’t have to hire any employees, you don’t have to have a physical location, you don’t have to even have an office address or traditional office hours.  You have no physical inventory, and you don’t have to keep things in stock.

Another advantage to becoming a ticket broker is that you can get discounts on sporting events, concerts, and other fun events.  As a ticket broker you are able to buy tickets in bulk at a discounted price, and then re-sell these tickets to people, or companies at a higher price. Nothing is better than buying discounted concert tickets as a ticket broker.

Another pro is that you can set your own hours if you become a ticket broker.  Nobody can tell you when and where to work, you set your own terms.  If you want to make money, then you work!  Best of all, there is always plenty of opportunity because people are always want entertainment and things to do no matter what time of year!

Make Money Selling Tickets OnlineYou can become the most popular person in the community if you are a ticket broker.  Friends, neighbors, associates, co-workers (if you still have a traditional job) will always come to you for things to do.  If you want, you can get them tickets at an incredible discount and use them as gifts, or you can trade tickets for getting work done, or for other things.  As a ticket broker think of getting tickets at a discount as a type of currency.  This currency can be used to acquire many things.  Perhaps you want a free car to drive around?  Why not work out a promotion with a radio station to where they give away tickets to their listeners, they advertise for a car dealership for free, and then you get to drive a car for free.  As a ticket broker the sky is the limit!

Cons of Being a Ticket Broker:

The disadvantages to becoming a ticket broker:  Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a perfect job, and becoming a ticket broker is no exception, however there are very little downsides to becoming a ticket broker.  I see two main downsides to being a ticket broker. The first is that you must learn about and follow the licensing requirements of your state.  Some states require getting a ticket broker license to be able to buy and resell tickets.  The Ticket Broker Guide will teach your the ticket broker secrets that will help you solve any problems with ticket broker licensing and answer any questions you may have. The other downside is the stress that comes with the job. I would be lying if I told you it’s a stress-free job. The hours are great, but when a concert is three days away and you still have 12 tickets to sell, it can be stressful. However, I’ve found that overall it’s less stressful than my previous jobs.

When I first started out, I wasted a lot of money making stupid mistakes. Then I invested a ticket broker guide so that I could quickly and easily learn the ticket broker secrets required to be a successful ticket broker.  If you are serious this is my #1 recommendation, because it will tell you how to become a ticket broker step-by-step.

There is no risk due to a money back guarantee, so the only risk you have is in not learning more!  Click here to learn more!

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