Selling Sports TicketsAre you interested in starting a ticket broker business? You can make good money selling sports tickets and other entertainment tickets.  This article will discuss the benefits and advantages to starting and having your owner ticket broker business.  Before I begin I want to stress that it is possible to make a good income buying and selling tickets and starting a ticket broker business.  I’ve done it, and I wanted to share my experiences with you, things to know, and also provide some resources for you below that can help you start a ticket broker business.

There are many advantages and benefits to starting a business selling tickets. From setting your own hours, to being able to attend concerts, sporting events, and other events easily and inexpensively (and sometimes free) having a ticket broker business can be a very awesome business to own and run.

Here are some benefits of owning a ticket broker business:

#1: You can set your own hours with a ticket broker business. First, you do not have a boss. Is your current boss a jerk, is he or she breathing down your neck and giving you work you don’t deserve. If you have a ticket broker business you are your own boss! You set your own hours, you work when YOU want to work, and nobody will tell you what you can and cannot do. Do you need to take a vacation? Well, then you get to take a vacation. A ticket broker business is a powerful business to owner because you are in control.

#2: Your ticket broker business can have no employees, no payroll, and very little overhead. Depending on how big you want to grow your ticket broker business you can run it with no employees, and that means no payroll, no payroll taxes, no employee problems, and very low overhead. A ticket broker business is powerful because you can run it from your home, or run it on the road with just a phone and a laptop. Sometimes you don’t even need a laptop to run a ticket broker business.

#3: Selling sports tickets and entertainment tickets is a good business in almost every economy! Did you know that when the economy goes bad people spend MORE money on entertainment? Why is this the case? Because they are sad. A Ticket Broker business can thrive even in a bad economy! People are depressed with their jobs, and their income, and are looking for fun things to do. If you own your own ticket broker business, you can protect yourself even in a bad economy!

#4: A ticket broker business can be a part-time business! Most businesses require lots of money, capital, resources, and time. A ticket broker business does not require these. You can start in your spare time, and you don’t have to have gobs of money available to start your own ticket broker business!

Sell Concert Tickets#5 The ability to see sporting events, concerts, and other things at a discount or sometimes even free! As a ticket broker you have the ability to go to concerts, sporting events and other fun events at a discounted rate, or sometimes even free? Why? How is this possible? Because your ticket broker business will allow you to buy tickets at a discount, and to sell tickets at a profit. Depending on the situation, sometimes you get so many tickets and make so much money, you’ll just want to go yourself.

#6: Another great business of starting your own ticket broker business is this: You can give awesome gifts, and work with other businesses. Most people LOVE going to concerts, sporting events, and other fun events. As a ticket broker you can give tickets away to people as gifts, and use them for other promotional opportunities. This is the greatest way to lead into other business opportunities.

#7 A ticket broker business is loved by all, because you can work with other business opportunities. You can work with financial planners, radio stations, insurance agents, car dealers-ships and more. You can get discounts on their services if you work with them. A ticket broker business is a great way to get into business with other people.

Now I personally started my ticket broker business by selling tickets part-time and then I moved to make it my full-time business.  What helped me do this?  This resource here helped me tremendously, that is why I recommend it.  You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain! You can do it all on your own, but you’re gonna spend a lot of money like I did making mistakes and learning from them. It’s better just to pay some money up front to learn the real secrets to starting a ticket broker business.

Your friend and #1 supporter,