With the amount of fees that Stubhub charges to sell tickets, it can often be difficult to make money when learning how to start a ticket broker business. For anybody who isn’t familiar with Stubhub, it’s an online ticket exchange that’s owned by eBay. It allows you to buy or sell tickets to nearly any event. While the fees charged back Stubhub will absolutely cut into your profit, from my personal experience Stubhub transaction prices are often higher than those of websites such as Craigslist because people trust Stubhub and Stubhub offers protection to buyers. It’s because of these higher transaction prices that, even with its fees, Stubhub often yields the highest profit for ticket sellers.

Selling Tickets on StubhubAs a seller, Stubhub has a number of benefits that you should be aware of. Firstly, shipping to users via Stubhub is extremely easy. The shipping costs are built into the fees and as a seller you will never have to pay to ship your tickets. Stubhub will also allow you the ability to sell your tickets before you actually receive them in hand. This means that if you’re a season ticket holder you can place your tickets for sale before or as the tickets go on sale to the public and you can often sell for a higher price this way. The peak of demand is immediately when tickets go on sale because hundreds of people will have tried to buy tickets and not been able to get any (assuming the event sold out fairly quickly).

Unfortunately, for all of these benefits, Stubhub is going to charge you a 15% fee to see on there. This is why it’s important to utilize all of the tips for selling tickets on Stubhub. There are a number of Stubhub secrets that professional brokers use, and I’ll share a few of these with you.

Firstly, when you price your tickets on Stubhub, you should avoid listing them at an excessively high price “just to see” if someone will pay that high price. You’re wasting time. If there’s three people selling similar tickets for less, then you’re not selling yours. This is a good rule of thumb to use. As you’re posting your tickets on Stubhub you’re going to be able to view what others have recently sold for as well as what others are charging for your tickets. Now, don’t go comparing across sites. If you’re selling tickets for $150 and you see a bunch of similar seats on Craiglist for $125, don’t worry. As I said before, people will pay more for the protection from Stubhub. So just compare to other tickets on the same site.

Another tip for selling on Stubhub is to not blindly reduce your prices as the event gets near. Stubhub can do this for you automatically, but it’s better to manually do it and just stay on top of pricing. Remember, you always want to be in the five lowest prices for comparable tickets. The only way to distinguish yourself on Stubhub is by the type of ticket you offer, and pricing.

For the type of ticket to use when selling tickets on Stubhub, I usually go with an instant electronic ticket. It’s cheaper for buyers and you’re more likely to get your tickets sold. Plus, it’s more convenient for everyone involved.

Hopefully these couple of tips help you to sell your tickets better on Stubhub. If you’d like to learn some of the real secrets to selling on Stubhub, I recommend that you check out this guide.  It is the #1 guide on how to sell tickets on Stubhub and other methods, and I personally recommend it!  Check it out today!

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