Starting a Ticket Broker Business – my own personal tips, tricks, and story.

Ticket Broker BusinessAre You Looking to Start a Ticket Broker Business?  This article will discuss the ticket broker advice that you need to consider and how to start a ticket broker business. As previously discussed you want to discover how to be in the ticket broker business first, then you can decide on how to start your ticket broker business.

Step #1:  Figure out what type of ticket broker business you want to start.  A ticket broker business can be ran full time, or it can be ran part-time.  There are advantages to both.  A full-time ticket broker can make great money buying and selling tickets to converts, events, and sporting events and other entertainment venues.  It is okay to start as a part-time ticket broker.  I started as a part-time ticket broker broker and moved into a full-time ticket broker.  There is nothing wrong with that at all and is generally what I recommend.

Step #2:  Get your database together.  In today’s world there are many different ways to market if you are in the ticket broker business.  You should have a Facebook Page, a LinkedIn account, a Myspace Page, and probably a twitter page.

The goal is to build a list of people who are interested in certain sports teams.  Take for example the Cleveland Browns.  If you live close to Cleveland and you decide to become a ticket broker you would want a Facebook Fan page that talks about the Cleveland Browns.  Then, any time you get new tickets you would instantly send out an email, tweet, and do a Facebook post saying that you have tickets to a game.  This is the fastest way to make money in the ticket broker business.

Never, ever, ever, ever throw away a name.  You always want to keep the the name and information of people who buy from you, because they will probably buy again and again.

Step #3:  Find out good physical locations to partner with.  Car washes, drive-thrus, etc. are all good places to work together to advertise your tickets.  Can you work out a deal with a car wash to where you can put signs and information advertising your ticket broker business?  It is unused real estate for the car wash, so this is a great way to get free advertising.  As a ticket broker you can make a lot of money this way in your ticket broker business.

Step #4:  Figure out the best places to where you can sell your tickets.  Here is an easy idea for you. I see a lot of ticket brokers always standing out telling people that they need to buy or  want to buy tickets. You need to get attention and to stand apart.  What is the best way to do this?  Include some food, have a good looking woman trying to sell the tickets, or give some free tickets to friends who want to go and have them sell the tickets.  You either need to get someone else to do the work, or make the work easy as a ticket broker!  This is just a few ideas on how to be successful and to start a ticket broker business.

I have used many of these ideas and have found that standing apart is one of the most important things.

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